EYEBROW TATTOOING – Luxe Cosmetic Tattooing



This stile of Cosmetic Tattooing delivers beautiful, natural looking brows due to creating crisp strokes into the skin that mimic real hair to help fill in gaps and shape your brows to create balance and proportion.


Powder Brows creates a soft, shaded brow similar to when using Brow Powder. We recommend this style of tattooing for anyone who already has a lot of natural brow hair, has oily skin, exercises a lot or likes a defined look. We can go as light or as heavy as you want!


Our favorite style of brow tattooing! With a combination of Feathering and Powder Brows. We can create hair strokes in the beginning of the brow followed by shading for the rest of the eyebrow or feather the whole brow and shade in between the strokes for more depth and dimension.






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