COMBO/OMBRE BROWS – Luxe Cosmetic Tattooing




Combo/Ombre Brows is when we combine both techniques (Feathering and Powdered Brows) Depending on the clients needs we can create thin hair strokes in the beginning of the brow followed by a Powdered Brow for the middle and end or Feather the whole brow and add shading in between the hair strokes to create more depth and dimension. An amazing style of Tattooing for anyone who likes a light to dark "ombre" brow or for those who have lost almost all natural brow hair.

Your Initial appointment will take approx 1.5 hours including a detailed consultation of measuring and drawing your perfect brow shape. A second appointment known as the Perfection Appointment is needed 4-6 weeks after. This appointment is so we can check the colour or make any adjustments.This appointment takes approximately 1 hour.

Generally lasting 12-18 months however everyone holds pigment differently. There is no guarantee how long your brows will last. Some medications, the way the skin heals and many other factors can effect the lifespan. We recommend a touch up at 12 months however touch ups are available anytime if your brows fade quicker.



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